CSA Week 25 and My Very First Pumpkin Pie

This week was week 25 for the CSA. There is only one week left. This week I received apples, swiss chard, potatoes, an eggplant, leeks, and peppers.
I will have the recipe I made with this week’s CSA posted on Saturday because I am out of just about everything I need and am waiting on my delivery from Apple Valley Creamery.week25
The pumpkin pie I made this week is both dairy free and gluten free. It is not so much focused on local ingredients because it was a request from my neighbor. She has rheumatoid arthritis and eating dairy or gluten aggravates her symptoms.
The pumpkin pie was very easy to make and while it is gluten and dairy free, my neighbor told me it still tasted delicious. If you need a pie for the upcoming holidays and have relatives with dietary restrictions, try a pie made with coconut ingredients in place of conventional dairy and flour. Even your gluten and dairy enjoying family members will like it.pumpkinpie
I did not want to mess up the pie crust so I used this recipe from Coconut Mama. It is a simple recipe and obviously I used coconut oil instead of butter to keep it dairy free.
So, this recipe didn’t quite turn out the way I expected. I did burn the crust and I accidentally added too much coconut milk, but my neighbor enjoyed it. I will have to make it again so that it turns out properly and then I may post the recipe.


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