Becoming a Locavore: Solutions

Supporting local businesses that source their products from out of the area supports both the local and global or national economy which is the case for many of the locavore challenges.

Choices: There is a grocery store in the area that sources its products locally when it can. This makes it easy and convenient to find a variety of local foods in one place.

Winter: There are many foods that can be frozen and stored for the winter. Herbs, meats, soups, and pasta sauces are just a few examples.

Cost: Cost is relative and local produce may cost more some of the time, but not always.

Travel: In addition to the grocery store, farmer’s markets and some other farms in the area partner together and sell each other’s products in one place. One farm, Apple Valley Creamery, even offers home delivery on a variety of dairy, meat, baking, produce, and other products.

Sustainability: While much of what grows in Pennsylvania is sustainable, climate plays an important role in sustainability. Different crops require different weather conditions to grow. Purchasing produce that is grown out of this area, but buying it from the locally based grocery store makes environmental sense.

Seafood: I have found a family business based in the area. The family travels to Alaska every year to catch salmon. They process and freeze it themselves and sell it here. While the salmon is not raised in Pennsylvania, it is a great solution.


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