CSA Week 17

This week’s CSA from Strites’ Orchard included: plums, apples, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green peppers, beans, and Swiss chard.  I split it evenly with my co-worker without any plans of making anything special.20160913_124417

I found my grandmother’s recipe for German Potato Salad a week or two ago and I wanted to try it out.  The recipe is missing the amount of potatoes to use, so I just used the number I received in the CSA last week.  20160901_203438

I also wanted to try to spiralize the potatoes.  Unfortunately, my spiralizer works best on softer produce and the potatoes did not turn out right.  I then just cut the potatoes from this week’s CSA in chunks and made the salad that way.  I followed my grandmother’s recipe, except I substituted the sugar for a mixture of honey and maple syrup.  I suppose I did not account for the extra moisture in the recipe because the salad did turn out too soupy in the end.  I have to retry this recipe to make it perfect and then I will post it.20160914_083530

We all have bad cooking days or even weeks sometimes, but I am not letting it discourage me.  I will try again when I have bought more potatoes.

As an aside, I bought the bacon I used in the recipe from Anschuetz Farm and it is phenomenal.  It is thick cut and does not have any nitrate or sodium nitrate added.  It also does not cook down like normal bacon.  It stays thick and tender and tastes amazing. 20160914_082240


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