First Year of Gardening Update

I haven’t given up on my garden, but I have not been taking very good care of it.  A garden is something that needs nurturing and constant attention.  One day of skipping watering or not picking a weed and it quickly becomes unmanageable.20160825_102638

My broccoli never grew so I pulled that up.  I have three carrots that are still growing.  I completely forgot that I planted fennel.  The neighborhood groundhogs ate much of my Brussel sprouts.  I was looking forward to them.20160825_102535

One bell pepper grew on my pepper plant.  That one was not my fault.  It was entirely too hot for it to grow well.  It was also too hot for my cucumbers.  I picked three before the plant yellowed.  I probably could have watered it more, but again, I just let it go.

The groundhogs got to my cantaloupe as well.  It was doing great, but an annoying little critter decided to help itself to the fruit.

The tomatoes and herbs are doing well still.  Most of the herbs have gone to seed at this point in the growing season.20160825_102554

My first year gardening had plenty of ups and downs.  From pest control to hot weather, I learned a lot including:

  • Water, water, water!  Plants need water to survive and won’t do well without it.
  • Pest control.  My grandfather helped me with pest control.  There are many different methods to keep bugs out of the garden and it is important to control pests before they take over.
  • Pick and prune.  Picking herbs and vegetables at their peak keeps the plants growing.  Pruning dead leaves and trimming plants that have gone to seed with prolong the garden season.

While the gardening season is not over yet, my garden is about done as far as harvesting goes.  I will have herbs and tomatoes for a few more weeks before winter sets in.  Next year, I hope to have learned enough to grow more vegetables and take better care of my garden.  This spring and summer was very hot so hopefully next year, the weather is also better.

Take good care of your garden and it will take good care of you.


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