CSA Week 8

Who gets a sinus infection in the middle of July?  I do, apparently.  I have been using eye drops, nasal spray and breathe-rite strips, drinking Echinacea tea with honey, taking hot showers, and taking medicine.  I have even ordered a humidifier.  I am starting to feel a little better, but it was not a pretty sight for a few days.

What is a pretty sight is this week’s CSA.  This week’s CSA contained sweet corn, zucchini, Methley plums, blueberries, fennel, and spring onions. 20160712_121654-1

I have a plan for the fennel, so hopefully once I have recovered 100%, I will post that recipe. My grandfather’s garden is full of zucchini, so I gave my co-worker both zucchinis from the CSA.  The plums are sweet and juicy even though they are little.

Since I haven’t been feeling well, I have been keeping my diet fairly simple, but I have still managed to eat well.

One tasty recipe you can make with sweet corn is called Elotes.  There are different variations, but I like mine with mayonnaise, chili powder, and Parmesan cheese.  It can be a little messy, but it is very delicious.20160711_105145

Last week, I helped my grandparents with their senior Bichon, Bitsy.  To thank me, my grandfather made my Nona’s recipe of beets and potatoes.  It is served cold and sprinkled with parsley.  It is one of my favorite beet dishes.  The beets, potatoes, and parsley all came from his garden.20160712_134830

My garden is doing well.  I have a few cucumbers and a cantaloupe growing.  I realized with this week’s CSA that the fennel in my garden still has a lot of growing to do.  Right now, it is just a little sprig.  The tomatoes have not been liking the heat so what is growing is still green, but hopefully soon, I will have some fresh red tomatoes.


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