Sweet Corn Festival at Strite’s Orchard

On Saturday, July 9th, Strite’s Orchard held a Sweet Corn Festival.  There were a lot of activities for kids such as face painting and a hay ride.  They had food from Official BBQ and Burgers which is a handmade BBQ joint in Harrisburg (try the pulled pork sandwiches and fries, you will not be disappointed).  Strite’s also had the grand opening of their Hershey’s Ice Cream Shack. 2016070995103053

I went with my sister and we walked up to where you can pick your own blueberries and raspberries before heading back down to the market.  It was busy and very hot and humid, so we did not stay too long.  My sister worked at Strite’s before going away to college and we chatted with her old co-workers.  One asked me how the CSA was going and I told her it was great.  I did admit that I gave my leftover kale to my co-worker’s bearded dragon and she joked that she would add that to next week’s newsletter.2016070995103619

I would have liked to try the fried corn, but my sister had plans to visit friends and we had to go.  On the way out, we stopped for an ice cream cone.  I had a cone of what was called Playdough.  It’s like the classic cookie dough ice cream except it was bright yellow and the chunks of cookie dough were blue or pink.  It was probably not the healthiest choice, but it was fun to try. 2016070995102424

Local festivals are always fun and if there are any in your area, please go and support local businesses.  You might discover something new.


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