Zoodles with Ricotta Sauce

My grandparents invited me over for lunch on Friday since a cousin from Florida was up to visit. We had grilled chicken, baked potatoes, Harvard beets, salad, and Berry Berry Pie. The potatoes and beets were from my grandfather’s garden. I could probably eat the entire bowl of beets, but I refrained. Harvard beets are made with sugar, so they are not clean eating, but they have an amazing sweet and tangy flavor. The Berry Berry Pie came from the bakery at Strite’s Orchard. The pie was made with raspberries and blueberries and my grandmother topped each slice with vanilla ice cream. If you’re thinking that sounds more like dinner than lunch, you’re right.
I was still full by dinner time, but I had told my family I would make dinner, so I looked for something light to make. My grandfather had given me some zucchinis from his garden. Since I have only used my spiralizer once, I thought I would try some zoodles again. I was inspired by Katerina’s recipe for Creamy Ricotta Zucchini Noodles.
I used two zucchinis and half a yellow squash that was in the fridge. I did not have any cherry tomatoes, so I just used a bigger one. Instead of putting the garlic in the ricotta sauce, I sautéed it with the zucchini and tomatoes. I also chopped up some fresh basil from the garden and put that in the ricotta sauce.
My recipe did not turn out quite as pretty as Katerina’s. The one thing I forgot to do was remove the excess water from the squash. Like cabbage, you can salt zucchinis to draw out extra moisture before cooking. I also think I overcooked the ricotta sauce as it was more lumpy than it was smooth.
I also made corn on the cob which was from the CSA this week. They turned out perfectly.
The photo of the zoodles with ricotta sauce is not very pretty, but it tasted amazing.2016-07-08 18.56.23


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