Thoughts on Orthorexia

Recently, I have come across discussions on orthorexia while research clean eating and reading other blogs.  Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with eating healthy foods and it is a recognized eating disorder.  Restrictive diets can lead to orthorexia.  I am not a registered dietician nor trained in any other way about promoting diets or how to eat.  I am just a food blogger sharing clean eating recipes.  I eat healthy the majority of the time, but I will never restrict myself.  I like to think I have a healthy relationship with food.  One of my mottos is that life is too short to eat food that doesn’t taste good.  Clean eating is not the only way to live.  Paleo, gluten free, and raw food diets are not the only way to live.

Puppy chowI will admit, when I began to eat clean, I did restrict myself, but I quickly realized that I would not be able to enjoy food as much if I continued to do so.  Now, if I want to eat junk food, I eat it.  I never feel guilty when I eat something bad.  Sometimes I read ingredients and think about what’s in the food I am eating, but most of the time, I just eat.  Food is supposed to be enjoyed and if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating, you may have a problem.  If my co-workers bring in leftovers from a picnic, I gladly take my share of hotdogs, potato salad, and fruit.  If my grandpa brings over pie for dessert for our Sunday dinner, I help myself and pile on the whipped cream.  If a friend wants to go out to eat, I gladly accept the invitation and order whatever I’m hungry for.  If I want to make mint chocolate muddy buddies (pictured), I will and I will savor every bite.

Orthorexia can be a serious problem and if you need help please seek treatment.  This blog may promote clean eating, but this blogger promotes healthy eating as lifestyle, not a diet.  In closing, I hope you find the posts on my page interesting, the recipes appealing and that you eat well and eat smart.
If you’re looking for a well written post on orthorexia written by a Registered Dietician visit Abbeys Kitchen and if you’d like to read more information on orthorexia from Dr. Steven Bratman, MPH, visit


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