April Showers and May Showers

I got too excited to plant the seeds I started and soon after I planted them, we had an unexpected freeze.  Most of the seeds I started died.  Then came the rain.  It rained so much that the plants I had started in containers drowned.  I drilled extra holes in the bottom of them, but it was too late for my spinach.

While I am upset that my garden did not work out this year, that is something that comes with inexperience.  Here are some of the mistakes I made and what I will do differently next year.

  1. Not hardening off my plants.  I was so happy that I had sprouts blooming, that I wanted to plant them right away.  The correct thing to do would be to harden them off, that is, get them used to being outside first before transplanting them.
  2. Not waiting until the last frost. This was almost unavoidable.  The weather was so nice and I did not have to plant them right away.  I should have waited an extra week when the threat of frost was gone.
  3. Not planning for rain. I should have drilled extra holes in my planters prior to planting everything.  My spinach probably could have been saved.

I do have some lettuce coming up that looks fairly good.  The broccoli is doing well and I have a few sprouts that are still making it.  The garden is not as rich with plants as I would like.  I direct sow some of the remaining seeds I have soon.

In the meantime, I have joined a CSA which starts next week.  I am looking forward to that.


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