Sweeteners I Do and Do Not Eat


Before I stopped eating sugar, I did not eat artificial sweeteners.  In my opinion, refined sugar is better than an artificial sweetener.  Below, I will expand upon sweeteners I do and do not eat and my reasoning behind them.  Please do not take anything in this article as medical or health advice.  There is a lot of research done on the sweeteners listed below that you can look up and form your own opinion on.

Sweeteners I don’t eat


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is also known as Equal or NutraSweet.  I find that foods containing aspartame give me headaches.  As it is a synthetic chemical compound, I do not consider it clean.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup is basically sugar, but it is made from corn, which makes it a cheaper additive to sweetening foods.  It is processed and therefore, not a clean sweetener.


Stevia is considered a natural sweetener because it is derived from the stevia plant.  Many people think it is a safe sweetener because it comes from a plant.  I do not like it because, like aspartame, it gives me headaches.


Sucralose is also known as Splenda.  It is a very sweet artificial sweetener.  It is chemically processed which is the main reason I do not eat it.

Sweeteners I do eat


Honey is my favorite sweetener.  It contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  I purchase my honey from the local orchard.

Maple Syrup

100% maple syrup is basically boiled down sap from sugar maple trees.  It is a delicious and natural sugar.

Organic Cane Sugar/Juice

Cane sugar/juiceSw is less refined and less processed than white sugar.  It is a natural sweetener made from sugar cane.  I do not cook or bake with it, but I will indulge in foods that contain it such as granola bars or organic chocolate products.  It is cleaner than sugar, but still not a 100% clean option, so I do not eat it all the time.






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