Pre-Germinating Seeds Part 2

20160205_141000This is Part 2 in the 2 part series about pre-germinating seeds. See Part 1 on getting started with pre-germinating seeds.
By now, the seeds I pre-germinated have started sprouting and they are ready to be planted in the newspaper planters I made.20160205_140807
Begin by filling the newspaper planters almost full with seed starting soil. I use Epsoma Organic Seed Starter which can be found here. Pick the seeds up from the damp cotton pad or paper towel. You may want to use tweezers, but be very careful. If the seed sprout is cut or torn from the seed, the seedling will die.

Plant the seeds ¼-1/2 inch in the soil. Only place one to two of your pre-germinated seeds in each planter. Pre-germinating seeds helps ensure the viability of the seed and also eliminates the need for unnecessary thinning.
Place the newspaper planters in an area where they will receive direct sunlight and keep the temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have a room that will provide enough natural light, you may supplement the light with grow lights.20160205_134711
Keep the soil moist. It may be beneficial to keep a spray bottle of water next to the plants to make watering them easier.


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