How to Make Newspaper Planters


Though it just snowed here, I am already thinking spring!  I don’t want to have to buy new pots for my seeds each year so I have come across and alternative that is both cost effective, simple, and organic.

Newspaper planters are a great way to start your seeds indoors.  You won’t need to remove the plants from the planter come spring as the newspaper with breakdown in the soil.  Newspaper planters are an environmentally friendly and low cost alternative to plastic planters or other pots.  There are many methods to creating newspaper planters.  For the method I used, you will need:




A small cup


First, cut the newspaper pages into quarters.  Take each quarter and fold them into thirds.


From there, wrap the newspaper around the cup, leaving about an inch below the end of the cup.  I used a measuring cup for pet food and kept the newspaper around the 2/3 cup mark.  Place a piece of tape at where the newspaper overlaps. 20160201_113350

Next, turn the cup over and fold the newspaper over to create the bottom of the planter.  Secure it with a piece of tape.  I like to push down on the cup at this point to help the planter stay flat.


That’s all you have to do!  You can make plenty of biodegradable, organic newspaper planters in just a short amount of time.

I am going to use my planters to start my pre-germinated seeds indoors until they are ready to be planted in my garden in spring.  See Part 1 for instructions on how to pre-germinate seeds and Part 2 for planting the pre-germinated seeds in the newspaper planters.


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