Pre-Germinating Seeds Part 1


This is the first part in my attempt to pre-germinate the seeds I am going to be using in my garden this spring.  I am starting with the onions, spicy peppers, Brussels sprouts, and celery.

Pre-germinating, or pre-sprouting seeds, is the process of starting seeds before planting them.  It ensures that seeds are viable and eliminates any uncertainty of waiting for the seeds to sprout after they have been planted.  Pre-germinating seeds this way is also quicker than sprouting them in soil.

I chose to pre-germinate my seeds to give them a head start at growing here in the North East.  Once the seeds sprout, I will plant them in containers and keep them indoors until they are ready to be planted outdoors in the spring.

I am using the plastic bag method for pre-germinating the seeds.  I am also using cotton pads, but paper towels can also be used.

First, moisten the cotton pads or paper towel.  Place a few seeds on the pad and cover with another.  It should be damp, not completely wet.  Collage

Next, place the pad in a plastic bag.  Be sure not to seal the bag so that the seeds can get air.  I am keeping all of my seeds in a small cardboard box.  Be sure that the room you keep the seeds in is warm.  I have set the thermostat in my room to 70 degrees.


I will check back in a few days to see how they have sprouted.  I will cover that and planting them in a container in Part 2.


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